Learn English in 30 Days! Explained in Hindi in breif

Waise to aap sabhi logo ko enlgish sikne mein dilcasbdi hogi lekin kya aapko pata hai ki aap sift kuchi dino mein English master bhi ban sakte ho. Ha aapne bilkul sahi pada, kuchi dino mein aap master bhi ban sakte ho wo bhi ghar bete bete. Aap ek well educated teacher ki tara dusre bachhe ko aasanise pada sakte ho aur yo ye bhi nahi pechechanenge ki aapne sirf kuch din pehele hi English sikha hai.

Mein aap ko yese yese tips dunga jisko follow karke aap perfect bhi ban sakte ho aur mujh se bhi jadda talent ban sakte ho. Lekin aapko is tips par aamal rahena hoga, yesa nahi hai ki ek do din mein hi perfect ho jawo aur bolne lagoge, yesa bilkul bhi nahi sochna, aagar aap ye soch rahe ho to xod do ye tips aap nahi sikne wale ho kabhi bhi.

First Tip

Aap ko Tense samajna hoga, without tense koi bhi aadmi English nahi sik pata. Tense ye hota hai ki Past, Present and Future ki sabdoko kaise English mein bole. Aagar hindi mein bole toh, kaal jo hum bakyawarad mein bachpan se sikte aarahe he. Aab aapko lag raha hoga ki kaal mein toh kya hai kuch bhi nahi, Ji haa Kaal mein toh kuch bhi nahi ye to bohot aasan hai, lekin aagar aap kaal mein hih confuge ho gaye toh problem aasakti hai. Tense is everything in English language. Words mein toh kya hai wo toh aap sikhi loge.

Second Tips

Aagar aap k pas free time hai aur kuch game khel k time waste karne wale ho toh ye aadat change karlo. Aaj ki 21st Century mein sabhi k haat mein smartphone hai, yuski help se aap dictionary pad k beth sakte ho, naye naye words sikiue aur aapki english ko fluent banaye.

Ye 2 tips aap try kijiye bohot Helpful hogi aapko

Hello Friends, It’s me GojoMedia24 and you can call me Gojo or GojoMedia,

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This is a small explained about my today’s morning daily life and about juice & our business. I learned this English all by applying these methods which I’m sharing you now. Hope, you’ll be able to do same after following my tips in 30 days.

Here, I’ve explained how you can learn English easily within 30 days. I’ll not give you guarantee but if you followed it properly then I’m sure you’ll going to rock. Do you know why I wrote in English without completing the tips? My answer is to embarrass you, now you got angry and want to learn English. Hope my tricks also help you indirectly. I’m too lazy; I did all this to approve my AdSense on blog. I don’t know what I’m writing, I’m so mad. Today when I came from my shop, my sister was alone in home and she even didn’t make any dinner so I scold her to make it ready. After few hours my parents arrived on house. We took dinner on same table. After that in dish cleaning, my sister and mother was fighting. I went there in time and made the situation normal. They both were serious, don’t know what was the real matter but they were really aggressive and high tempered.

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Best Tips: – If you want to learn English then do and buy some books and learn. Practice makes man perfect.


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